Football Watch Party for ULM – Sept 15

Lets meet at Ivanhoe Ale Works in Denison – 220 W. Main.

Game kicks at 6:30 PM – start gathering as early as you’d like – they have lots of craft beers and there is an Italian restaurant adjoining with lots of wind selections.  We will order snacks and some pizzas from the restaurant.

Come and go as you like but would love to have you stay the whole game.

No cover, no minimum.  See you there!


Byron Compton, ’75


Watch Party for Ol’Miss

Howdy Grayson County Aggies,

With the late kickoff time we were unable to locate a venue suitable to host a game Watch Party for the Ol’Miss game this Saturday.  All the venues we approached said Saturday nights are their busiest night of the week and could not provide us anything close to a “Reservation” – either in a private room or even in the bar area, and would – at most, promise us only one (1) TV dedicated to the Texas A&M-Ol’Miss game.
Therefore we regret we have to forego a Watch Party this week.  We will shoot for maybe the Bowl game, depending on date, and again for next years football games.  If one of the Aggie Basketball games lends itself to a Watch Party, we might try to schedule one or maybe more.
Thanks and Gig’em,
–Byron Compton ’75

The Grayson County A&M Club Florida Game Watching Party is SET!

Location: North Rig Grill, 414 N US Highway 75, Denison, TX 75020   They have a private room with 3 TVs!

Time: Kickoff is set for  6:00
     So, our watch party will start at 5:30
Cost: NONE!  Drinks will be on your own but we the Club will pay for the first round of snacks! (We will gladly accept donations and all donations over the cost of snacks will go to our Scholarship Fund!)
RSVP: Not required, but it would be nice to have a guess as to how many will attend.  Just send an email to: with FLORIDA in the subject line and the number of Aggies you are bringing.  If you know an Aggie who doesn’t know about the Club or the Watch Party, bring’em!
Thanks and Gig’Em
Byron Compton ’75

Watch Party Update

Howdy!  Well the season hasn’t been quite what we would like so far but the Aggies are showing promise in most aspects of the game.  I sure hope your enthusiasm for a watch party hasn’t suffered…!


We are still on for 2 parties – Oct 14 and Nov 18.  The venues we have as options are good ones but we can’t reserve until we know the game time and that won’t be known until the Monday the week prior to game week.  So, hang in there, we are still on!


–Byron Compton ’75

How about an AWAY GAME watch party?

Ok, Grayson County Aggies, Aggie Football is less than 3 weeks away.  We would like to know your interest in attending a Football Game watch party this Fall for one of the AWAY games.  We had one a couple of years ago and it was a great time.  It is also a time to meet and reacquaint with other Grayson County Aggies – most of whom aren’t registered with our Club – we would like to remedy that!

So, available dates and opponents are:

Sept 3 vs. UCLA – not really an option as it is Labor Day Weekend and most of us have other plans (like Dove Season Opening Weekend…?)

Sept 23 vs Arkansas @ Jerry World – also not a good option as some members will be attending with it being so close.

Oct 14 vs Florida

Nov 18 vs Ol’ Miss

Nov 25 vs LSU – another bad option with it being Thanksgiving weekend.

So, we have only 2 good dates (make the decision a little easier).  Shoot, if the interest is there, we could do a Watch Party for both!  But we need to know:

  1. Preferred date, or BOTH?
  2. Would you be willing to make a small donation to defray the cost of the venue and maybe snacks?  If yes, how much?  $10, $20, more? (any leftover funds would go into our scholarship fund)
  3. Recommendations for a location (or we will pick the place)

You can respond with an email to

Responding is NOT AN OBLIGATION to attend or pay – just gauging interest.


Thanks and Gig’em!

Byron ’75

Grayson County A&M Club

Howdy all!

Welcome to the official website for the Grayson County A&M Club.  There are about 1,400 Aggies (as of the 2017 Directory) residing in Grayson County.  Although this club maybe small, we work with the Grayson County Aggie Mom’s club to provide joint events such as the annual Howdy Rowdy (presented by the Aggie Mom’s) and Muster.  For the past few years, we have donated money to the Aggie Mom’s Club in the form of $500 Scholarships to potential and current Aggies who call Grayson County home.

If you are interested in helping grow this club, we are currently looking for people who would help organize club events such as game watching parties (football, basketball, etc.).  We are also looking for anyone willing to help manage this website and our FaceBook page to keep them up-to-date with the latest news and event schedules.

Look around this website for more information about upcoming activities (located on our club calendar) and ways you might be able to join.

We hope to see you soon at one of our events!

Thanks and Gig’em,

Byron Compton ’75

Club President

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