How about an AWAY GAME watch party?

Ok, Grayson County Aggies, Aggie Football is less than 3 weeks away.  We would like to know your interest in attending a Football Game watch party this Fall for one of the AWAY games.  We had one a couple of years ago and it was a great time.  It is also a time to meet and reacquaint with other Grayson County Aggies – most of whom aren’t registered with our Club – we would like to remedy that!

So, available dates and opponents are:

Sept 3 vs. UCLA – not really an option as it is Labor Day Weekend and most of us have other plans (like Dove Season Opening Weekend…?)

Sept 23 vs Arkansas @ Jerry World – also not a good option as some members will be attending with it being so close.

Oct 14 vs Florida

Nov 18 vs Ol’ Miss

Nov 25 vs LSU – another bad option with it being Thanksgiving weekend.

So, we have only 2 good dates (make the decision a little easier).  Shoot, if the interest is there, we could do a Watch Party for both!  But we need to know:

  1. Preferred date, or BOTH?
  2. Would you be willing to make a small donation to defray the cost of the venue and maybe snacks?  If yes, how much?  $10, $20, more? (any leftover funds would go into our scholarship fund)
  3. Recommendations for a location (or we will pick the place)

You can respond with an email to

Responding is NOT AN OBLIGATION to attend or pay – just gauging interest.


Thanks and Gig’em!

Byron ’75