Watch Party for Ol’Miss

Howdy Grayson County Aggies,

With the late kickoff time we were unable to locate a venue suitable to host a game Watch Party for the Ol’Miss game this Saturday.  All the venues we approached said Saturday nights are their busiest night of the week and could not provide us anything close to a “Reservation” – either in a private room or even in the bar area, and would – at most, promise us only one (1) TV dedicated to the Texas A&M-Ol’Miss game.
Therefore we regret we have to forego a Watch Party this week.  We will shoot for maybe the Bowl game, depending on date, and again for next years football games.  If one of the Aggie Basketball games lends itself to a Watch Party, we might try to schedule one or maybe more.
Thanks and Gig’em,
–Byron Compton ’75